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Age: 20
Representing: California

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"I'm just a regular girl who likes to hang out with my friends, watch movies, listen to music, stuff like that. ."

"As you can see from her photos, Ericka is slim, very toned, and has glorious natural breasts. But a perfect body is not all there is to this raven haired girl. Ericka is very down to earth, intelligent, and friendly. She is also bisexual, which she made a point to tell Tatyana when asking her to shoot a video together. Unfortunately a romp in the sheets was not in the cards for these two, but considering that both girls experienced a natural attraction toward each other, we feel a special rendezvous will be happening very soon. For the time being Ericka had a great time ripping up a pair of pantie hose and massaging her pink pussy in the bathtub. While playing in the tub Ericka mentioned that she's never tried using water to pleasure herself and, in fact, It felt amazing! Are you ready to stop reading and just go check out her photos and videos? We know we are. "

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