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Meet Gia!

26 years old
Representing California

"I am a stunning, Filipino Irish Bay Area native. I am petite with olive skin, a contagious smile, and enchanting brown eyes. Yes, Im athletic and curvy but you won't find ME at the gym...I love the outdoors!"

Gia has a gorgeous petite body which she is completely comfortable in. Gia exudes confidence, sexuality, and eroticism. Just watch her kitchen counter video, youll know exactly what we are talking about! When Gia knocked on our door she was dressed to the 9! Strapless minidress and six inch heels included. During the shoot she insisted on wearing her heels, she simply did not feel herself without them. In short, Gia likes to look great, and she likes people to notice it. We suggest she run self-confidence seminars for young women this girl has something to teach us all! Gia loves nude modeling because it allows her to let loose and be something normal society would not exactly accept. We say any society that doesnt accept the beauty of a womans nude body does not deserve the title of normal.

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